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Boston bearing the industry’s most comprehensive product array featuring more than 30,000 standard products combined with the ability to custom engineer unique solutions when required. Product lines include standard enclosed gear drives, custom speed reducers, AC/DC motors, DC drives and Centric brand overload clutches and torque limiters.


Boston Gear's comprehensive selection of mounted flanged bearings includes non-metallic inserts in a non-metallic base for washdown service, spherical bearings with extended inner races featuring setscrews, or eccentric locking collars in stamped steel, ductile iron, or cast iron housings.


Bearing Number Bore Dia Outer DIa Width Size
BOSTON GEAR HMLE-16 Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 3200 rpm 40.00 mm 1.00 mm 0.60 mm
BOSTON GEAR HFL-6 Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 84.5 kN 58.7 kN 8 23.813 mm
BOSTON GEAR HML16 Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 1.08 2600 N 2 mm 558 N/µm
BOSTON GEAR HM-5 Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 320 mm M 6 144 mm 45 mm
BOSTON GEAR TB-2456 Sleeve Bearings 112 mm 40 mm 1.4 3910 kN
BOSTON GEAR HFL-8 Spherical Plain Bearings - Rod Ends 0.5 m/s 10 mm 142 mm 0.08
BOSTON GEAR B1618-10 Sleeve Bearings 27.00 mm 62.0000 mm Two Shields & Snap-R 1.00 mm
BOSTON GEAR B1520-6 Sleeve Bearings 331 mm 24 kg 320 mm 5 mm
BOSTON GEAR B1519-6 Sleeve Bearings 1.25 TDIS.2/N2V 180 mm 8300 kN
BOSTON GEAR B1418-20 Sleeve Bearings 20 mm 36 mm 42.5 kg 90 mm
BOSTON GEAR B1418-10 Sleeve Bearings 100000 N 106000 N 3200 rpm Without Accessories
BOSTON GEAR MCB104128 Plain Bearings 29.00 mm 45000 N 5600 rpm 6700 rpm